Taste of Chicagography

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The annual Taste of Chicago took over Grant Park this weekend and this afternoon, I set out to grab some dinner. It was my intent to make my path directly to Lou Malnati’s for a slice of particularly excellent deep dish, but I was distracted just before the entrance.

Meet Andre

Not only is Andre a really nice guy, he caught my eye because he was holding a Polaroid 600 SE. This is a fully manual camera that can take absolutely beautiful pictures. The SE comes with a 127mm lens (which Andre is using) but can also be fitted with a portrait (150mm) and wide-angle (75mm) lens.

Andre was visiting Chicago from Detroit and if he (or his buddy!) are reading, I would love to see your beautiful work!

Then I made my way into the festival where food was constantly walking by…with people attached to it.

Crowded, hot, wonderful summer day in Chicago.

I grabbed a slice of Lou Malnati’s just as a light shower passed and saw another photographer setting up in North President’s Court with President Lincoln overlooking.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy was setting up a project using a medium format camera. If you aren’t familiar, medium format refers to film and digital cameras that record images on media larger than 24 by 36 mm full-frame (standard photography format), but smaller than 4 by 5 inches which is considered large-format photography.

I hope to meet up with Jeremy again to see his finished work. I’m sure President Lincoln will approve.

After my own dinner time, I made my way over to Buckingham Fountain (a favorite spot) and took a photo for this beautiful couple!

And a large family!

Then I obtained one of my favorite things. It’s an Original Rainbow Cone, which is not only beautiful, it’s delicious. It also has a long Chicago history beginning in 1926 and constructed with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House cherry, pistachio and orange sherbet. Sounds crazy, but the combination is surprisingly delicious.

Size doesn’t matter!

Illinois Lottery ladies having fun!

Officers can smile, too.

It was a great afternoon and I hope to continue meeting Chicago visitors (and photographers)!