I heard a funnychord

Funnychord is a home for quirky objects and people. We restore and sell vintage objects of all kinds – and we build websites too.

If you're looking for a home for your digital products, get in touch with Funnychord Creative.
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Our Team

Funnychord is a team of creative design and technology professionals.

Laura Peters

Solves creative problems
(and Rubik’s Cubes).

Neil Laferty

Development Lead
Also proficient in the operation of light aircraft and Fender Telecasters.

Cara Bezuska

Design Lead
Guardian of chickens, cats, bees,
and great designs.

Rebecca Bush

Content & QA Manager
Corralling content
with a red pen lasso.

Luke Elliot

Marketing Scientist
Joiner of data and design
in happy matrimony.

Kim Huston

Copy Chief
Likes to tell stories.
Fact, fiction, epic, and brand.

+ An extended network of digital specialists with very specific skills