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Favorite WordPress Plugins: Google Site Kit

Laura PetersAdvice and Resources

One of the not so fun or easy parts of WordPress development used to be making sure all the Googley-bits were properly connected. Theme developers often embedded the code right in the header file making theme updates destructive, and many plugins out there weren’t so trustworthy. When Google came out with Google Site Kit in 2019, they made it much easier to set up and configure all the important Google products (like Google Analytics). Plus, the step-by-step setup process is easier than easy.

I consider it part of my default install for all new WordPress installations for client sites. The dashboard gives you quick access to beautiful data and charts for your traffic, content, site speed, and monetization. Yes, you can integrate easily with AdSense!

Google Site Kit makes it easy for developers, agencies, and end-users to get a quick overview of the site’s health with Google properties. Make it part of your plugin line up to get the most out of your site.