How-to : Soap Sculpture

Laura PetersArt Photos, Thoughts and Ideas

Neat freaks take note – you can create a very interesting effect for the price of two soaps!

I recently purchased a glass soap dispenser from Target. (If you want the same one, you can find it here.)

The very little remaining soap in the plastic dispenser (slowly) dripped into its new home. Then I opened up the new refill bottle and poured it on top. After the first use, a fascinating sculpture erupted on the bottom of the glass.

How to : Make and photograph your own soap sculpture

  1. Purchase a clear soap dispenser (or make one from an old jar)
  2. Purchase (or make) an opaque and transparent soap
  3. Add a thin layer to the bottom of the jar with the opaque soap
  4. Pour transparent soap on top
  5. Replace dispenser top and PUMP IT!
  6. Watch the beauty unfold and get out your camera

Photo Tip: Use a macro or fisheye lens to get really close and be sure to use a direct light source to illuminate!