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Before I explain what you see below, take some time to look at these photos without having context or description. What do you see and what do you feel? Now that you have reviewed the images, does it surprise you to know that they are all food and beverage? Perhaps you could easily see the chicken egg with its familiar …

Fashionable Chicago

Laura Peters Chicago, City Visitors, Fashion

Chicago is full of fashionable residents and tourists. On a beautiful Saturday, Buckingham Fountain and the Riverwalk are perfect spots to enjoy summer (in style)! This weekend also marks the 56th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show so the beaches and lakefront are hopping with aviation enthusiasts. See More Tourist Photos: Touristosaurus

Project : Empathropomorphic

Laura Peters Animals, Art Photos, Thoughts and Ideas

It’s a project that requires a bit of explanation, but the intent should become clear very quickly. It is a collection of objects, plants and animals that I’ve encountered. And for them, I am supplying a voice (or perspective) with short poems or conversations accompanying each photo. Empathropomorphic – it’s a compound word that I’ve defined as “the understanding and …

Street Level-palooza

Laura Peters Chicago, Events, Music, Portraits, Street

I went for a walk this evening with the intent of using my Polaroid to capture a typical Chicago scene. And I did – easily accomplished at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. After meeting this cute couple, I figured it was time to head home. But with Lollapalooza in town this weekend, it was hard to ignore the masses. So …


Laura Peters Art Photos, Chicago, Portraits, Street

I owe my friend Brian for the tip on this location. It’s a place I will return for more industrial beauty. I definitely have more to explore here! Also, thanks to Marco, who spent a little time chatting with me!

Light in Shadows

Laura Peters Art Photos, Chicago, Street

There are parts of Chicago that only a few people see. Tourists almost certainly aren’t spending their time looking in hidden places. But if you enjoy the play of light on buildings and architecture, some of the greatest light play I’ve found are in the alleys.

How-to : Soap Sculpture

Laura Peters Art Photos, Thoughts and Ideas

Neat freaks take note – you can create a very interesting effect for the price of two soaps! I recently purchased a glass soap dispenser from Target. (If you want the same one, you can find it here.) The very little remaining soap in the plastic dispenser (slowly) dripped into its new home. Then I opened up the new refill …

Knot, Tie, Entangle

Laura Peters Art Photos

Knots, ties and tangles are everywhere. These are just the few I found on quick walk around my neighborhood. I think they are interesting and beautiful!