Flooding at Chicago Executive

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The runways were mostly clear, but the space between them was flooded with spring rains. The ducks and geese were enjoying the pop-up ponds while aircraft continued to land. Gusty crosswind landing on Runway 30: Some taxiways were flooded:

Visit Sint Maarten and Tickle the Airplanes

Laura Peters Aviation

There are videos and photos all over the internet…if you know where to look. On the island of Sint Maarten (Saint Martin on the French side), the airplanes are an attraction. And it all happens on the beach at Maho Bay – steps away from the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport. To get an idea of what it feels …

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

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My Dad just told me…today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! And because I’m such a fan of these little scavengers, I thought I would share some of my favorite personal encounters with squirrels. My favorite story is when I was taking a golf ball around the city of Chicago for photos and the squirrels were adventurous enough to come up to …

Project : Empathropomorphic

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It’s a project that requires a bit of explanation, but the intent should become clear very quickly. It is a collection of objects, plants and animals that I’ve encountered. And for them, I am supplying a voice (or perspective) with short poems or conversations accompanying each photo. Empathropomorphic – it’s a compound word that I’ve defined as “the understanding and …

Chicago Air & Water Show

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I thought I would share the perspective that many Chicagoans (and visitors) enjoy during the Air & Water Show weekend. Even if you aren’t at the center of action at North Avenue Beach, you can still enjoy the show from a distance. These photos are from the Museum Campus perspective.