Chords and Courage

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Remember these ads?

Remember these ads?

It all began in the days of dial-up modems and America Online when a unique screen name was what really set you apart. Those of us around (and old enough) in the early days of the Internet can remember the process of choosing a representative name. I was a proud band nerd who loved comedy, so Funnychord became my pseudonym.

Almost twenty years later, Funnychord is a unique business. It’s small, quirky, and run entirely by nerds. Surprise! The form of Funnychord has shape-shifted many times. Some early concepts for business ideas included print-focused design, photography studio, magazine, and music shop. So how did we end up with a creative agency? We enjoy the creative process wherever it shows up and enjoy learning new skills, no matter where it takes us.

Funnychord has changed my concept of what a small team can accomplish. The impact on myself has been profound – working to provide services to non-profits and other small businesses has made me find ways to deliver quality work that lifts small companies to the same level as large businesses without requiring enormous financial resources.

Funnychord strategizes

You remember I said we’re a group of nerds, right? The greatest unique benefit we can offer our clients is the power of thought. We care about their business, their customers, and their success!

It’s not always easy, and I’ve found that it takes a lot of courage not only from myself, but from my team members. They left their secure jobs to pursue a shared goal of providing quality creative services to companies that are busy doing great things in the world. We want to work with charities and small businesses to supplement their creative and marketing teams to better share their stories.

The Chicago Bach Ensemble presented a Baroque concert, November 2016

The Chicago Bach Ensemble presented a Baroque concert, November 2016

That’s what makes it easier to be courageous – our amazing clients who are providing educational experiences, making world-changing products, cleaning the environment around us, and serving their communities in positive ways. They are more than clients – they are friends and neighbors. Several clients have found us by referral or from services like LinkedIn Profinder, where our services are recommended to organizations whose unique missions and goals are compatible with ours.

One of our ProFinder clients, The Chicago Bach Ensemble (CBE), has been a perfect match for Funnychord. They are working to continue their concert series and raise funds that will help continue their mission of producing educational music experiences in the Chicago area. Many times, it’s hard for organizations like CBE to find a company like Funnychord. The LinkedIn brand and our commitment as an organization to upfront pricing help increase confidence in the process.

According to one of our ProFinder clients:

“It has been so hard to find someone to help us with these disparate issues related to our website and social sites! I’m so glad we have been matched and that Funnychord can help us with this range of issues.”

It’s a relief to have this way to approach clients through a qualified service where both parties can feel confident that the person on the other side of the phone or email is real. Funnychord will continue to find new ways to support our clients and their missions through design and creative thought. Share your experience finding a qualified agency with us on Twitter! @funnychord

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