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Laura PetersClient Spotlight

Client Spotlight

As a team of designers and developers, we often spend our time helping clients present their business, their product, or their cause to the world. But we rarely feel that we make an impact as important as a client like Blythe Spirit Counseling.

Blythe Landry – Clinicial Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW, MEd – is healing others through compassion and extensive professional training.

Working with Blythe taught us more than how to create a beautiful website, it gave us perspective into the world of someone who is busy having a direct impact on healing and helping.

Skype to the Rescue

Blythe’s practice spans the globe. Thanks to modern technology, Blythe can meet with her clients anytime, anywhere, and on a plethora of devices.

Professional Help

Blythe is a published author and her book, “101 Substance Abuse Recovery Tips” is a great starting point for a healing journey. It’s also a great way to get a feel for Blythe’s process.

She knows that starting the journey is the most difficult step, so she focuses on communication early and often. She responds to requests quickly and determines a plan and schedule that works best for her clients.

We hope that everyone who is looking for help and support can find their way to Blythe. She is an incredibly talented and passionate therapist and it was a pleasure to launch her new website.

Blythe Landry
“My passion is working with clients from all over the world seeking to overcome challenges and to deal with the adverse effects of addictions, abuse, trauma, transitions and loss.”Blythe Landry

Our Part

Our work on Blythe Spirit Counseling ( was a journey for Funnychord as well. We used our ability as designers to communicate a message and feeling of hope.

We used the power of color, communication, and relationships in our design to focus on the outcome of starting a journey with Blythe. Healing takes time – we wanted our work for Blythe to communicate power and passion.

Get to know Blythe

Learn more about Blythe Spirit Counseling and how she may be able to help when you or your loved ones are in need.

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