Antique Music Book – 1898 “The New Ideal” by W. T. Giffe


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Author: W. T. Giffe
Assisted by: Louis D. Eichhorn

Title: “The New Ideal for Town and Country Schools”

Publisher: The Home Music Co. – Logansport, Indiana

Published Date: 1898

This is a lovely, rare antique book with great music inside! The original owners names are written inside on the first blank page. Photo gallery images show the type of blemishes in the book, but there is no smell or ongoing condition issue aside from the issues you see here due to age and use by owners.

As this is an antique item, it is sold “as is” and condition issues are to be expected. We are happy to provide additional photos to interested buyers. Please send any questions along before purchase. Great care will be taken to ship the book safely.

More information about the Author

Short Name: W. T. Giffe
Full Name: Giffe, W. T. (William Thomas), 1848-1926
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1926
Born: June 28, 1848, Port­land, In­di­a­na.
Died: Ju­ly 13, 1926, Se­at­tle, Wash­ing­ton.

W.T. Giffe grew up in Col­lege Cor­ners, In­di­a­na (near Port­land), and served in the ar­my dur­ing the clos­ing days of the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war.

After the war, he a­ttend­ed Li­ber Col­lege, Jay Coun­ty, In­di­a­na, and stu­died law for two years.

Giffe had a fine bar­i­tone voice, and was in de­mand as a con­cert sing­er. He soon be­came po­pu­lar as a cho­rus di­rect­or and con­ven­tion con­duct­or.

The Ol­iv­er Dit­son Com­pa­ny of Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts, pub­lished ma­ny of his ear­ly works, but Giffe went on to form his own pub­lish­ing house, the Home Mu­sic Com­pa­ny, in Lo­gans­port, In­di­a­na. He al­so ed­it­ed the Home Mu­sic Jour­nal for se­ver­al years.

Later, Giffe be­came su­per­vis­or of mu­sic in the pub­lic schools in his home town. And he was one of three men chos­en to de­li­ver an ad­dress in Lo­gans­port, In­di­a­na, at the me­mo­ri­al ser­vic­es for as­sas­sin­at­ed Am­er­i­can pre­si­dent Will­iam Mc­Kin­ley.

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