Friendly Squirrel


Laura PetersAnimals, Squirrels

Unlike puppies and kittens, squirrels aren’t universally adored. It seems to be a tie between people who think they are annoying, and people who think they are cute. I am on the side of cute for most critters, so I have a hard time understanding the other perspective. (I admit, I would not call a spider “cute” though.)

So when I am walking around Chicago parks, I like to follow the squirrels around and see what they are up to. Sure…it’s mostly about food, but they do make time for play and occasionally they are as curious about me as I am about them.

Their agility and resourcefulness make them one of my favorite critters, so they are often the subject of my photos. My favorite squirrel playtime involved a golf ball. As part of a gift for my Dad, I staged a golf ball around Chicago and I couldn’t resist getting the squirrel perspective.

Golf squirrel