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Every journey to another country is something I cherish. Each day in a new place brings greater perspective on the location itself and on my relationship to it. Admittedly, my first knowledge of Aruba comes from the 1988 classic Beach Boys tune, “Kokomo.” It’s the first lyric of the song which follows with a list of other Caribbean islands. Oddly, …

Winter in Review

Laura Peters Chicago

Winter 2014-2015 was not as sensationally cold as the previous in Chicago, but it still packed some super cold days and even a blizzard. The cold and short days mean more opportunity to see everything in new light (or dark).

Surprisingly Popular

Laura Peters Chicago

I often post photos that I love dearly on my personal social accounts. I spent hours thinking about which perspective I like best and how the editing helps tell whatever story is present. Sometimes it’s just an interesting composition that I’ve never used before. I find that these photos are…rarely, if ever, enjoyed by more than a few people. Then …


Laura Peters Art Photos

Before I explain what you see below, take some time to look at these photos without having context or description. What do you see and what do you feel? Now that you have reviewed the images, does it surprise you to know that they are all food and beverage? Perhaps you could easily see the chicken egg with its familiar …

Accomplishment: 2014 Chicago Marathon

Laura Peters Chicago, Events

A neighbor walking home through Dearborn Park The post-run solitude I think he’s earned some loiter time! High Fives from strangers Finding family and friends can be tough after the race. Recovery is a priority for all – especially the fast runners. Hugs of congratulations It’s great to have support Proud of their mom!

Summer Night

Laura Peters Chicago

I haven’t spent much time with night photography, but I have been encouraged lately by the possibilities. It’s more of a time commitment than I’m used to when I hit the street for a photo walk. I have spent a good amount of time talking to tourists, taking candids and working to capture very “in-the-moment” shots. This process will teach …

Lakefront Plane Watching

Laura Peters Aviation

Living close to the lakefront in downtown Chicago is a big advantage when it comes to watching aircraft. The O’Hare and Midway arrival patterns take planes right over the shoreline and my favorite times to watch are golden hours. When the wind is from the west, you can bet that planes will be landing on 28C 27L and 27R at …

Fashionable Chicago

Laura Peters Chicago, City Visitors, Fashion

Chicago is full of fashionable residents and tourists. On a beautiful Saturday, Buckingham Fountain and the Riverwalk are perfect spots to enjoy summer (in style)! This weekend also marks the 56th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show so the beaches and lakefront are hopping with aviation enthusiasts. See More Tourist Photos: Touristosaurus

Summer Concerts : Cabernet Cabaret

Laura Peters Events, Music

Summer concerts are much more than just Lollapalooza. Smaller local events like Arranmore Arts’ Cabernet Cabaret offer a beautiful setting, a friendly audience, and a great evening of family-friendly music and dancing. It’s a one time show with a fun theme and you can bring your own party complete with food and drinks. For this particular show titled, “Midsummer Night’s …

Sears Tower Lightning Strike

Laura Peters Chicago, Weather

I have been waiting patiently to capture lightning hitting the Sears Tower. Every time it storms, I head to the window and prop up my camera in position. If I didn’t like watching storms, it might not be so interesting, but I love watching the storm clouds approach. Finally, last night I caught it. Twice!